r they jobless (or) r watching worthless?

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well,Before I can mention about this jobless or worthless?  let me tell u who they are! It’s people who jut out at the shop to watch something(what’s really that?),which i can define it worthless (cricket) for jobless(peasant). Yes,i reckon this is end of the indian cricket of this year but will taut till next year(money for the players even they dont perform but virtually  gives food seldom for the people,who watches it). Though the cricket has overshadows every sports in  india but the extent it takes its wild fans to the position of concussion. Even, they are oblivious to the scenario that preveals around their ambience.

Stark scenario,the aforementioned is unlike puppet show, which is reality show with free of cost(neverthless,not having to spend even single paise from ur pocket and also can have free puff out from unknown aquitance cigar,who stand by the side of urs’)came to my light when i was travelling in the bus to my home from some destination(this not actcually required). I happen to see some horde where just gathered which caught my eyes,it really took me to the astonishment,why these people had had got together infront of the some t v show room. are they offering something at free of cost(because its not common scene for everyone to see people getting together like this previously at this kind of places) but it does sporadically and tightly packs the space provided for pedestrains( afraid,is any safety precaution required?).It looks as if some kind of temple possession occurs out of the place. Former point is not intend to inflict or bug anykind of rude remarks against anyone of high affluence,even middle class & also people who’ve never been to that kind of spot but just an authentic event which jobless endowed their time in spending by watching shows outside the shop.

Yes, it is none other than from magnetic pull from the live cricket which held in australia,of late.they were just bonded with flux(how much power does it require to adhere these many people, only cricket knows). i really wonder why these things appears,which strikes my mind of the conflict over telecasting channels by bigwigs who holds the vest of authority(but i also have to blame people ’cause how can one expect desired things happen without money). It is because most of cable network in chennai does not provide that channel service except few chennaities who has their own dish will relish by sitting down in the home.but the jobless who perch outside the shop are perished upto my knowledge.i am afraid,what happens if indian players do not play well or lose,would the shop be spared out of normalcy?

it even makes more sickenning,when i see people in the group having debate over the match and giving quirk prediction in the run-down of the match.perhaps , if they were stalwarts of the cricket, might have worked out but do u think it happens in nature, only god knows that.Above all,  people throw rude and vulgar comments or prank words against players, be aware of people around u, r not in close proximtity to cricket fratenities ’cause australian board has  implemented life ban for those who make such kind of nefarious acts.according to me its incorrigible both watching match and pulling out discriminating words. Needless to say,am also one of the ardent fan of cricket since my childhood but make sure u had abstained from those happenings which make your career a great debacle ……… 


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